Kraftworkz is a company passionate about the latest technology and the power of social media.

Founded in the world's financial capital and cutting-edge technology hub London, Kraftworkz provides a software suite to the pubs and restaurants that is capable of giving your menu the power of digital and taking customers' experience to the next level.

Present real images for your mouth watering dishes. Updates your items and stock immediately. Delivery & Take Away with no extra costs. Powerful reporting tool. Multi-language support. Collect your payments online, securely. All available with QRSCOPE, designed and developed by Kraftworkz™.

Besides our software suite, we are happy to collaborate with bespoke software development where our expertise meets your needs.

Also we are eager to mention that we offer Social Media Management and SEO services to your business, allowing you to reach a wider and correct audience, with affordable prices.

Your needs meets our solutions...


Software & Systems Design

Kraftworkz provides design service applying expertise and experience to ensure the success of high value programs.

Systems Integration

We help organisations for optimizing and streamlining existing operations where legacy assets are leveraged through developing end-to-end architectures from ground up.

IT & Tel-Co Consultancy

As a solutions company, we offer consultancy whilst adding new functionalities to the legacy systems or replacing them as working closely with your organisation to solve infrastructure to get everything done on scope and on time.

Social Media Management

We will help you manage your social media accounts more effectively, to reach the target audience easier and grow organically.

Mobile Solutions

Whole world is going mobile, why not you?
We offer mobile solutions and pain-free transitions for small and medium sized enterprises.

Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Business Tests
  • Use Case Analysis
  • Performance Tests
  • Interoperability Tests
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Verification & Validation

IT Solutions Training

Whether you are planning to renew your static html website or willing to create a complex mobile application from scratch, our experts can help your team get to the next level of skills.

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